What You Need to Know about Basement Window

When it comes to basement design, its windows and door are two important spots allowing for air and moisture drafts making their way into a space. As for today, though, we will focus only on basement window. With various basement window sizes, the basement window wellsare probably the most commonly used one.

Replace your basement windowimmediately whenever you notice water or a draft seeping through the corners. Chances are there are decays or cracks around the window frame. The same concern can arise with the basement doors, FYI. Do the same if you notice similar issue. For window wells in older homes, issues related to leakage within a basement are also commonly found. The uncovered window well in basements may mean a buildup of debris, dirt, and water. Avoid the issues by cleaning out the well and consider investing your money for a window well cover. This way, you can keep the elements from affecting the basement.

Another concern related to basement window is how it can be an easy entry point for intruders entering your house, considering the windows sitting at ground level, thus they can be manipulated easily. By optimizing the basement security, you can thus maximize your home security at the same time. Start from not concealing the windows behind shrubs or plants. Covered windows will appeal burglars easily. Consider using shatterproof grass when installing or re-installing the windows too.

Alternately, consider installing heavy security bars made of steel or iron for sufficient protection against burglars or intruders from entering your house through basement window. Even so, there is one important thing you have to keep in mind: Install security bars in a way so that firefighters can still use your basement windows as an exit point whenever a case of emergency occurs. Buy and install security bars that can be manipulated easily from the inside, therefore you do not need to worry when an escape route is needed.

You can also apply security film to the glass used for your basement window. The security film is a layer of polyester that is placed inside the window. When the glass is broken, the inner layer can still hold the pieces together, inhibiting a burglar from entering your house. Enhance the security from the outside too by installing good outdoor lighting. Be sure the windows are always well-illuminated even at night. You can also use locks and keys to optimize the security.


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