Various Designs of Backyard Fountains

It seems that you need to have a fountain for your garden. If you cannot create a waterfall because you have no space or you have limited budget, backyard fountains seem brilliant to complete your backyard garden. You can have several types and designs of fountains. It depends on your need, your favorite, and your backyard’s size. For example, you might have patio fountain if you have already patio in the backyard. So, what are the types or designs of backyard fountain?

The first design of backyard fountains is Natural Fountain. It is very simple because you only need to arrange small and big cobblestones. The next design is Container Fountain. It can fill your garden and beautify your garden that has many flowers and plants. You only have to use cobblestones to fill the slanted container. Any special materials are not needed to make this plan become real.

The third design is vessel fountain. This kind of backyard fountains is the simplest but still beautiful for outdoor water fountains. You only have to dig a hole. After that, fix the basin and the bricks around it. It is for aesthetic appeal, of course. Then, you need to fix the vessel and the last step is to pump the basin together. The next is Marble Fountain. It is the fountain that uses light color of marble in order to make it more appealing. Then, there is Laughing Fountain. You do not have to spend your money if you choose this kind of water fountain. What you need are only stones, plastic tubing, a plastic bucket, and smaller ceramic container.

Other garden fountain ideasare to make Stone Assembled Fountain. The materials are stones, of course, pump, gravel, drill machine, waterproof base, copper pipe, and small rocks. The disadvantage is that you may have problem in drilling the stones. But, do not worry, because you can ask professional workers to do it. If you still wonder, there are backyard fountains that are called Concrete Fountains. They are very suitable to small garden. It is beautiful because of its structure or main vessel that is made of concrete.

The last backyard fountains are Ceramic Fountain. It is the fountain that requires little more effort information. This is the kind of most decorative fountain because it will cost more or less $200. It is not suitable for small garden, it is appropriate for large fountain. Because of that, you might need the help from your neighbors or some professional workers to do it.


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