Stylish Laundry Room Decor Inspirations

Who says your laundry room cannot be transformed into a more exciting and visually appealing space? Today, we will share some interesting laundry room decor inspirations to help you transform your bland laundry room to a whole different level. No, do not stick with only cutesy laundry room decor signs! Take a look at these laundry room decor ideasfeaturing the use of creative decor and vibrant color schemes to invoke excitement. Check them out!

If you have a storage unit installed under the laundry room sink and countertop, you may want to conceal the mess. Rather than installing cabinet front door, what about making it as an opportunity to incorporate fun laundry room decor element by using a fabric that acts as a curtain? With many fabric options available, choose one with colors and patterns you love. Anything works, considering how cheap fabric is.

What about playing with color as part of your laundry room decor? In the room painted in light and airy white, it is never a difficult time to find the right color combo that works, considering anything works greatly with white. Even so, what about introducing natural element and beauty into the room while keeping the space properly organized too? Consider using wicker baskets and wooden shelves with rustic or country feel that surely can contrast the airiness beautifully. Match the decor theme and style by using Mason jar for detergent rather than using clear plastic container—it can make a functional and decorative element to the room.

Add a hint of retro industrial feel as part of your laundry room decor. Try with porcelain subway tile covering the walls with stainless steel floating shelves to create the look and feel. Aside from being eye-catchy, this decorating idea is also highly functional. Both porcelain tiles and stainless steel shelves are easy to clean and extremely durable, which absolutely advantageous for a laundry room, especially a high-traffic one.

Not everything in the laundry room must be new and shiny to create the appealing look. In fact, you can go budget friendly and creatively at the same time by incorporating something vintage or antique as part of the laundry room decor design. For example, rather than spending money for stock laundry room cabinet, you may want to go for vintage distressed cabinet unit that can be as affordable too. Even if you want to introduce something different and unique, be sure it can fit in the space perfectly.


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