Smart Tips to Install Baby Room Decals on Nursery Room Walls

With baby room decals, a nursery room will be more fun and stunning. If you’re planning to add new vintage baby room decals, you must install your wall decals in the right way. Before patching the decals onto your nursery room walls, make sure the walls where you’re about to adhere the decals are clean and also dry. Use cleaner that’s safe for walls and also paper towels to clean your nursery room walls. Since wall decals usually are big, you’ll need to prepare large and flat surface like huge dinner table you can prepare the wall decals.

Buy baby room decals and prepare them before installing them to the walls of your nursery room. There will be three layers you’ll find on your new decals: the backing paper, the decal itself, and the transfer tape. Backing paper of baby room decals is wax like paper. Another layer is the transfer tape that’s semi transparent. Because of this transfer tape, we’ll be able to transfer our new wall decal and adhere it on your nursery wall.

Installing the New Baby Room Decals on Nursery Room Walls

Unroll your huge wall decals on the floor or dining table or other flat and hard surface. Flat your big wall decals. You may need to use some magazines or other hard and heavy stuff to flatten your big baby room decals. Now cut the large wall decals once you have marked some cut lines that will ease you in cutting the decals.

Now, patch your baby room decals to your nursery room walls. If there are air bubbles in the decals, squeegee the wall decal’s squeegee. If there are some parts of wall decals you will install on the wall of your nursery room, start with the biggest one. The biggest one is harder to be installed. Installing the biggest wall decals also takes more time than installing the smaller ones.

Now, since the walls of your nursery room have been beautified with baby room decals, it is better not to add more wall decorations or the room will look too crowded. If you want to put more decorations, pick something you can place on the chest of drawers or on the bedside table. Rug is also a nice decoration for a baby’s room. Too many decorations on the wall make the room looks full and uncomfortable. Even you must hang the wall clock on a wall that’s free from wall decals.


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