Selecting Bathroom Window Curtains and Alternative Treatments

With privacy is paramount in any bathroom, the right choice of window treatment for the room becomes truly essential. When you are buying window treatments for bathroom, it is always important to set appearance aside for a while and put functionality as priority instead. There are many options to consider, such as bathroom window curtains, blinds, and shutters, with many varieties you can see from bathroom window curtains ideas or window blind ideas.

Privacy aside, mostly homeowners also wish to enjoy natural light entering the room when they are using the bath. This is often what makes shopping for bathroom window curtains and other treatment types sort of challenging. And it is absolutely true that with sunlight coming through the window, privacy should be still maintained at the same time too. Apart from that, considering how wet and humid a bathroom can be, the choice of material becomes an important matter; you will always want your bathroom window treatments easy to clean and can withstand moisture really well.

This is why bathroom window curtains tend to seem like unlikely choice, yet many homeowners still use them anyway. When you are buying bathroom window curtains set, the key is to choose the right fabrics. Consider curtains made from light fabrics such as muslin, lace, and voile that can dry rapidly, hold the shape even in high humidity, and easy to wash. As for curtain style, consider cafe curtains to cover only the bottom of the window for privacy, yet leaving the top open so sunlight can enter the room.

Shades are a great alternative to bathroom window curtains, especially when it comes to maintaining privacy and allowing natural light to enter. It’s especially true for cellular shades, which are also known as bottom-up or top-down shades. The overall design is similar to of cafe curtains and even suitable to use for bathrooms located on the first floor where privacy is required to be at maximum.

The best alternative to bathroom window curtains is perhaps window blinds. Whether it is Venetian or Roman blind, both of them can provide total privacy when closet, but can allow light into the room. If you wish to use the bathroom window treatments as part of interior decor, consider installing Roman blinds. They offer the beautifully soft texture of fabric you can optimize to complement the room aesthetically and visually, but they also require regular cleaning as dust and moisture trapped in the fabric may lead to mildew.


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