Neutral Bedroom Color Schemes Inspirations

With many possibilities to choose for bedroom color schemes, you can narrow your decision to choosing between bold or neutral. Bold bedroom color schemes ideas, however, sometimes can distract from other design elements in the room, and not all people like this idea. Neutral schemes, on the other hand, offer the more accommodating options, even as bedroom color schemes for small rooms. However, going neutral does not mean you only have beige or white. Today, we will show some inspiring neutral bedroom color ideas.

Gray is one of neutral bedroom color schemes you absolutely have to try. It’s safe to say you have plenty of shades to choose, starting from soft to dark. There are even shades of grey with certain tint that can transition to other color beautifully, such as brown, blue, and green. When you go gray for your bedroom interior, kick it up and opt for a bit darker shade, use it as accent color to highlight interesting element in the room—headboard, fireplace, seating niche, or else.

When it comes to white, do you know there are various shades to choose? This means white bedroom color schemesdon’t always have to be clean and stark one. Go for slightly off-white that can create a hint of warmth in the room while being a perfect backdrop for any additional color you toss into the room, including bold and bright ones. For example, consider off-white paint color for wall with colorful accessories and bedding for easy and simple decorating idea you can change anytime.

Don’t hesitate to go dark when you are looking for possible inspiring bedroom color schemes to use. If you don’t really want black, consider very deep, dark shade of purple that looks almost black so you can use it as a neutral. With purple has been renowned for being a distressing, calming color, you can thus benefit from the feel for more comfortable sleeping area. As for dark purple, the glamorous feel surely can transform the room to be much more inviting for you.

Easy way to create a soothing bedroom color schemes while going neutral is to find a hue you love and then use different light and dark shades of it in the room thoroughly. However, for the ceiling, you may want to paint it in a lighter shade of the wall paint as the same color will appear darker on ceiling than on walls.


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