Modern and Contemporary Ideas of Bathroom Window Treatments

To complete some tasks related to bathroom window treatments, you must directly think about adding curtains or blinds. Openness concept is usually used in modern and contemporary home design, but it does not mean that privacy is not an important issue. You may have some ample windows or even floor to ceiling windows in your bathroom and when you need to keep your privacy, then employing curtains and blinds can be the right idea that you will apply.

Simply installing some curtains or blinds, you can cover your transparent glass windows. This idea is needed unless you have a special impermeable window. However, you there are some more detail ideas that you need to consider. You need to select the right design and patterns. There are also some more bathroom window treatments ideas that you need to see. Here we have collected the ideas of bathroom window treatments for you.

If bathroom window treatments ideas privacy is the main reason why you need to add curtains or blinds, you need to have the windows completely covered with curtains or blinds. Pay attention to the design and pattern. You can opt one of vertical or horizontal curtains. For more elegant look, horizontal is perfect but if you have a small space, the vertical one is more appropriate. There are a lot of patterns presented by this bathroom accessory. Modern bathroom window treatments are generally with simple pattern or even a plain curtain. Contemporary treatment strengthens the style so that unpredictable pattern will be excellent.

On the other hand, when the main reason of bathroom window treatments is to upgrade the interior visual look, it will be no need to completely cover the windows. You should focus on playing some colors and patterns by employing curtains or blinds. You may only have the top layer of the curtains to decorate the window. It closes the upper part while letting natural lighting come through the bottom part. Vice versa, half window treatments are also a nice idea. You can install a short curtain to cover the half bottom part of the window.

DIY bathroom window treatments are the last idea that you can do. DIY treatments are suitable for decorative purpose. Something unusual always presents a surprising look. You can create wooden carved triangular boards to be installed at the edges of the window. You can also install a simple short cloth at the top of the window. Plain cloth may be enough for a minimalist look, but it will be better if you add certain pattern on it. Colorful polka dot is a good decoration for bathroom with neutral tone.


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