Guest Bedroom Ideas and Tips for You

How good you are as a host can be reflected on how well you design the guest room. With many guest bedroom ideas, starting from guest bedroom ideas modern even to guest bedroom ideas small space, there are actually many possibilities to explore. Even so, we personally find the most important aspect is the basics first. And here are some tips to create a well-appointed guest bedroom.

It goes without saying that mattress should be the most important aspect in any guest bedroom ideas. In fact, it is true for any bedroom. If the mattress in your guest room is already more than 5 years old, consider replacing it. Just like you, your guests also need a good night’s sleep time, especially with the distance they went through to visit you. And then optimize the comfort by layering a variety of pillows, from soft to firm. With pillows are relatively inexpensive and often on sale, there’s no reason for a good host to skimp them.

But your guest bedroom does not always have to be the one designed in a separate room with a bed and other furniture pieces just like any standard boudoir will do. In fact, consider guest bedroom ideas featuring the use of Murphy bed, especially if you do not shelter guests frequently. A Murphy bed can easily fit any room, even in a living room if you cannot provide a separate one for this purpose. Apartment or condo will find this a more practical choice without sacrificing the hospitality of a good host.

Do not stick with the same interior design style when you design and decorate the guest room. In fact, you can take this chance to create a room in totally different interior style to break from your home interior style. For example, refer to modern guest bedroom ideas even though your home is designed in traditional or antique style. You can also create a great opportunity to try something truly unique, such as creating the beautiful Japanese inspired space for the guest room instead.

There are actually more important things to keep in mind when designing guest bedroom ideas, even the ones that seem to be trivial, but proven essential. For example, providing a more generously sized nightstand can be such a relief for your guests. To underscent the room is also highly recommended; your guests will appreciate freshly smelling room than overly floral one. Oh, and don’t skimp on lighting quality, please, especially for bedside lamps.


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