Fun Basement Bar Ideas and Inspirations

We all cannot deny how fun a basement bar as an addition to your renovated space. This can create a great area to entertain your family and friends. There are many basement bar ideas you can explore as your source of inspiration. Those basement bar ideas images brilliantly incorporate various elements to establish a totally comfortable place to relax and lounge while enjoying the favorite drinks. Many basement bar ideas photos with adjoined room can also show a great way to optimize a recreational area.

It doesn’t matter what basement bar ideas you refer, planning the space is always the first important step. Surprisingly, sink is most likely the important thing you need to consider first. Even though this will indeed cost extra, a bar with a sink will never get wet, which can make the space much less convenient and comfortable. If you already plan a basement bathroom, consider planning the sink as close as possible to the bath so it can drain into the same holding tank serving the bathroom.

The next important step is to make a floor plan for any of basement bar ideas you have in mind. It’s never easy to fit everything you desire into the available floor space, especially if you want to include a large sofa or pool table. With floor plan, you can also decide where the walls, doorways, and ceiling lights should be, including plumbing. And this is the step where hiring a professional and expert can be a truly great help.

From the basement bar ideas you find, you can see there are endless options for bar table and countertop itself. There’s no need to be intimidated about designing your actual bar. Choose anything you want and your budget absolutely can afford. You can either build the bar table yourself, have it custom made, or buy a readymade bar from home furnishing supplier. Always use your bar plan as reference so you can at least determine the proper bar table size, number of stools, and other amenities to complement the space.

There are still more important factors to keep in mind when designing basement bar ideas, though. Sound control, for instance, will provide insulation. You can consider finishing the ceiling with suspended ceiling tile for easy installation you can even do yourself. Bar organization and store, as well as lighting and humidity control, also play important role to keep the area comfortable.


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