Finishing Basement Ceiling Ideas and Tips

Today, we will share some basement ceiling ideas and tips. They are a great reference for you who plan to finish your basement ceiling even though you need to deal with some compromises such as ductwork or plumbing pipes that are lower than the joists, thus preventing you from having an uninterrupted and smooth ceiling. These tips and ideas also work for basement ceiling ideas for low ceiling.

For fast and economical basement ceiling ideas, painting the surface is always the best solution to have. Besides, you can also enjoy the chic urban look as this is the most often used technique to convert a space into a shop or coffee house.Using a paint sprayer is highly recommended when painting basement ceiling so you can coat all of the different features easily from different angles. Consider using black or dark colors rather than light one when painting, especially one with a flat sheen to attract attention.

Another economical way among basement ceiling ideas is to install drop ceilings that can cover pipes and ductwork completely. The simplicity in installation even makes this solution suitable for a DIY project. You can also benefit from noise insulation from installing drop ceilings for your basement. Changes and repairs are highly possible, considering how easy it is to remove the ceiling panels. The design options are widely varied; even you can also incorporate the glamorous look of antique feel if you want. For flat and level installation, rent a laser level to help you.

Installing paneling and drywall is one of recommended basement ceiling ideas, as long as there’s no obstruction hanging below the joists. Sheet paneling is the choice for easy installation. Alternately, install pre-finished sheet paneling. For more expensive option but DIY-able, install individual boards, such as groove pine you can leave either stained or natural. Drywalling the ceiling is suitable for a moderately skilled DIY-er. This option will always require you to have extra hands to help, at least to hold sheets of drywall or paneling.

Last but not least is the basement ceiling ideas masking overhead ducts and pipes with fabric. The basement ceiling ideas fabric are most likely the simplest technique and the most economical way Simply staple or nailthe fabric to joists, letting it hanging down so it can hide all of those overhead stuffs.There are many fun ideas you can look up for this method.


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