Creating Bathroom Focal Point by Installing Bathroom Sconces

Lighting is one of the most important features for both home interior and exterior. Indeed, its main function is to provide lighting so that the homeowners can do some activities, especially at evenings. At days, ample windows and skylights are enough to provide natural lighting. At evenings, they will depend on some electrical lights. There are a lot of lighting designs and especially for the bathroom, bathroom sconcesare very well-known.

Bathroom Sconces Designs, Materials and Installation

The main difference between traditional and modern bathroom sconces designs is whether they use shade or not. Mostly, traditional sconces are designed with shades. There are various shape designs for the shades. At the development, there are two types of lamp shade designs. They can face upward and downward. In general, a single lamp unit is featured with a single bulb and shade. However, there are also some unique designs of wall lamp unit with three bulbs and shades.

The modern bathroom sconces look simpler than the traditional one. It is because they do not need additional shade. The lamps are usually designed in a long pipe shape. They can be vertically or horizontally installed. In addition, some simple cube shaped lamps look also interesting to work with any rectangular wall mirror. This design is also famous enough for contemporary bathroom. Contemporary sconces need more unique presentation. Then, some custom lamps are available with various unpredictable designs.

There are some materials that are commonly used for bathroom sconces. For the traditional bathroom lighting, bronze and copper are usually used. Their natural look is identical with classic design. However, when they are finished in glossy look, they are also used for modern and contemporary lighting. Nickel and chrome are the other materials that are mostly used for both modern and contemporary lamps. They present sleekness and neat look. Because some modern wall mirrors are with white and chrome frames, these materials will complete a nice combination between the lamp and mirror.

Indeed, mostly bathroom sconces are installed to complete the vanity area. That is why it is also usually called bathroom vanity sconces. Vanity is always completed with wall mirror above it. Then, this type of lighting is usually added on the left and right sides or above the mirror. Wall vanity mirror is designed in various shape designs. With its unique designs and shapes, the sconces synchronize them and create a stunning look. They also frequently support the mirror and some other decorative items in creating bathroom focal point.


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