Beautiful Mirrored Bedroom Furniture and How to Keep It Sparkling

There are many options to choose when it comes to home furniture, including bedroom furniture set. The options can be varied from the choice of material. With wood becomes the most popular choice of material, it does not mean you option is limited to that. As you may have noticed much earlier, metal can also make a great material for bedroom furniture, even for bed. Today, though, we have something truly sassy and chic: mirrored bedroom furniture.

While it is true that mirrored bedroom furniture makes it impossible for a bed, you can still have other possibilities, though. With mirrored bedroom furniture ideas, you can see there is beautiful mirrored nightstand, vanity table, or chest of drawer that can complement the look. When you decide to buy mirrored bedroom furniture sets, you also need to know how to clean and care for the mirrored furniture piece. This way, you can maintain the sparkly look that becomes the reason why you go for this route.

In fact, cleaning mirrored bedroom furniture is not a too difficult task to do. Once a week, dust the surface to prevent a layer of dust from dulling the mirror surface’s sheen. Be sure using soft cloth, such as microfiber towel, so you don’t scratch the finish, not leaving lint specks. Regular polishing is also necessary to remove marks such as fingerprints and smudges. Spray a mirror-safe glass cleaner onto a soft cloth and polish the surface. Make sure you don’t leave residual streaks.

Every month, make sure you check for scratches and chips as mirrored bedroom furniture is susceptible to dings. Once you spot a flaw, immediately as for professional help to repair the pieces. Check for jagged or sharp objects that can nick or scrape your mirrored furniture surface finish as well.

Ongoing maintenance is also important for your mirrored bedroom furniture. With liquids can mark the finish as they sit for too long, be sure to mop the spills immediately. Using toiletries should be avoided with mirrored furniture, such as nail polish remover and shaving cream, as they can damage the surface over time. When you move the furniture piece, such as mirrored end table or nightstand, always be extra cautious so you can avoid chips, scrapes, and breakage from occurring. And consider using mirrored furniture in master bedroom only, especially if you have kids and pets at home. This way, you can prevent any potential damage from occurring too.


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