Beautiful Do It Yourself Baby Room Wall Decor Ideas

Looking for beautiful baby room wall decor for sale to beautify your baby girl’s room? Why don’t you make your own baby room wall decor and make the nursery room looks unique and totally adorable? We have several ideas about decorating the wall of baby girl’s bedroom here. These ideas are pretty easy to do. They also require simple materials. Want to know how to make unique and very special wall decorations for baby girl’s bedroom? Scroll down and enjoy the ideas.

Creative Do It Yourself Baby Room Wall Decor for Baby Girl

First nursery wall decor idea is about beautifying the wall with butterflies. The white walls in your nursery room look so boring and uninteresting. Make it looks as pretty as a garden with butterfly baby room wall decor. We only need to us papers to make butterfly wall decor. Prepare some papers that are thick enough and double tape. Now make a pattern of butterfly on the thick paper you’ve prepared. Fold the paper and then add the tape on one of those sides.

Next, color your butterflies. Your butterflies will look adorable if they are visible. So, make sure the paper you use has contrast color to your nursery walls. For example, black or red paper butterflies will be awesome on a white painted wall. These beautiful butterflies will make your baby girl’s room looks brighter and natural. There is no need to buy new expensive wall decoration for your baby girl’s room. Continue reading for more feminine baby room wall decor idea to your baby girl’s bedroom.

Most mommies believe that floral wallpaper is the most feminine baby room wall decor for a baby girl’s bedroom. What about using real flowers to decorate the wall of nursery room? It is easy to use real flowers to beautify nursery room’s walls. We only need to get various colorful flowers and patch them on a wall of baby girl’s bedroom.

Just tape the colorful flowers on the wall using transparent tape. Organize those flowers so that their branch will shape beautiful vertical stripes that make the wall looks like having 3D floral wallpaper. Those flowers will not stay fresh forever but they look so adorable, very appropriate for mommies who want vintage theme for their baby girl’s bedroom. If you want flowers that always look fresh, go get plastic flowers or flowers replica. Those flowers are longer, have less leafs, and will always look fresh. This baby room wall decor looks very natural too.


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