Affordable Ready to Assemble Backyard Greenhouse Examples

Everyone has their own dream dealing with how they design their backyard. Most of them dream about comfy gathering and entertaining space with swimming pool and landscape nearby. Some of them may also think hard about building a backyard greenhouse. If you have spacious lot, why don’t you have all of them? Don’t worry! Some DIY ideas make you save more money. There are also some ideas about backyard greenhouse DIY that you can apply to make your dream come true.

Examples of Backyard Greenhouse

There are some backyard greenhouse ideas that may be beneficial for you. Building a backyard greenhouse is easy because there are some ready to assemble greenhouse available for you. You need to purchase some greenhouse kits. They are available on the market with various design requirements and budgets. The sun garden, for example, offers you with polycarbonate glazing. The frame is made of aluminum. It is suitable for you who have some troubles with high winds and heavy snow.

The Palram Snap and Grow is a small backyard greenhouse measuring 6’ x 8’. SnapGlas panels offer clear transparency and strong cover. Aluminum frame makes it stand powerfully. Some additional features are also offered such as roof ventilation which is in adjustable design and a door which is in split style design. The next example is the tiny wooden greenhouse. Its small design with 16” length x 30” width x 43” height makes you able to easily add it in your backyard. It can also be added on the decks, patios or balconies. The frame is made of wood and the glazing is from polycarbonate.

Sunshine gardenhouse can be another alternative. It is suitable for more spacious backyard because it measures 6’ x 12’. The frame is from redwood while the glazing is made of thick polycarbonate. There are two vents added. For more private look, the wooden Sunshed will be a great choice of modern backyard greenhouse. It is made of Western red cedar, polycarbonate roof and some wall panels. The ventilations are built on the roof and lower wall.

Metal backyard greenhouse can be a sturdy home for your plantations. Sturdy frame and polycarbonate glazing will protect them from any weather problems. Some features such as adjustable vent on the roof and sliding door are included. The last small greenhouse is for backyard with limited space. The 6’ x 5’ measurement is enough to keep some flowers, herbs or greens. Aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels are perfect materials for this affordable stuff.


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